To apply, download this Application Form and email it to the professor you wish to study with AND to the Piccola Accademia administration.

The e-mail addresses of the professors:

After receiving a response of acceptance from the Piccola Accademia, please confirm your attendance to the master class by paying the €110 registration fee (or €150 for the class of Christophe Rousset) through the Piccola Accademia paypal account within three weeks. For auditors the registration fee is €50 per class.

We will hold your place in the class for three weeks and will confirm your place as soon as the deposit has arrived. If you have problems either with the paypal system or with the payment itself, please contact us immediately ( so that we can organize other arrangements with you. Please remember that your acceptance is final only after receiving a confirmation from the Piccola Accademia administration!

For all questions concerning the master classes, travel and other student issues please contact the Piccola Accademia administration at: