Summer master classes 2014

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One of the Piccola Accademia’s most important activities is to provide students and recent graduates with exceptional master classes in harpsichord performance. The combination of our instrument collection, the quality of teaching at the Piccola Accademia, superb acoustics and the quiet and relaxed nature of life in the Tuscan countryside, creates a special environment in which to study and be inspired.

This summer the Piccola Accademia will offer a program of 4 courses free of tuition fees to eligible students. However a non-refundable €110 registration fee is required for each 5 day course.

For the 8 day master class of Christophe Rousset the fee is €150.

To qualify, students must be presently enrolled in a university level music study or be recently graduated.

Master classes 2014 – The professors:

Patrick Ayrton: July 16 – 20Patrick_Ayrton

Program: Techniques of Improvisation (click to see course description)

CV Patrick Ayrton

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Christophe Rousset: July 25 – August 1rousset1

Open Program

CV Christophe Rousset

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Elisabeth Joyé: August 6 – 10Joye1

Open program

CV Elisabeth Joyé

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Ketil Haugsand: August 20 – 24haugsand

Open program

CV Ketil Haugsand

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