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Piccola Accademia’s facilities, collection, master classes and performances cost more to develop and present than we can recover through fees and ticket sales, requiring us to find an additional € 60,000 annually. An initial “spring board” of private financial support has enabled us to launch Piccola Accademia, but the ongoing development of our collection, the support of our students and the extension of our teaching and recording programmes critically depends on finding a group of people who understand and appreciate our vision and work and who are willing to help us to continue our progress and maintain a solid operational footing. We operate as a non-profit organisation and in Italy are a registered ONLUS foundation, in the UK, an English Registered Charity and in the U.S.A. a non-profit 501(c)3, which allows us to tax efficiently receive sponsorship and support for our work.

Gifts can be made in Euros, UK Sterling or US Dollars.

For further information on making donations to the Piccola Accademia please contact:

Bruce Kennedy
Piccola Accademia di Montisi
Telephone: +39 333 1651011


Laurel Powers-Freeling
British Friends of the Piccola Accademia
Telephone: +44 7789 273544