Residency program

Residency program

Initiated in 2013, the Piccola Accademia residency program offers to harpsichordists the opportunity to study and record on the Accademia’s harpsichord collection. The residencies are of variable lengths, based on the needs of each candidate, with a maximum stay of three weeks.

Besides unlimited use of the harpsichord collection, the Accademia will provide a comfortable apartment with kitchen and a bathroom at the Accademia’s home, the Castello in Montisi.

The Piccola Accademia’s audio/recording system is available for recording in the main room of the Castello. It is set up for recording a single harpsichord. The recording equipment consists of:

  • Zaxcom Maxx, audio mixer / 4 channel recorder
  • 2 X DPA 4006A microphones (+ stand + cables)
  • Sennheiser 650 headphones
  • NAIM amplifier, hard drive & streamer
  • Vivid audio GIYA G3 speakers

The residents must cover their own travel costs and living expenses.

The residency period for 2016:

  • May 1 to October 30 (excluding the master class period July 9th – August 15th)

The residency is open for professional harpsichordists or harpsichord students currently enrolled in a university level music study.

All applications are reviewed by the Piccola Accademia and considered in collaboration with a selection of our professors, past and present: Menno van Delft, Ketil Hausand, Elisabeth Joyé, Christophe Rousset, Pierre Hantai and Skip Sempe.


Application is open for season 2016

To apply, download this Application form and email it to the Piccola Accademia administration:

  • Each applicant is requested to include their CV.

2014 Residents

Elena Bayel, harpsichord (Ukraine – France)

Olga Filippova, harpsichord (Russia)

Anastasia Antonova, harpsichord (Russia)

David Podgorski, harpsichord (Canada)

Stanislav Gres, harpsichord (Russia)

Anthony Romaniuk, harpsichord (Australia – Belgium)

Joana Huszcza, violin (Poland – Belgium)

Mark Edwards, harpsichord (Canada – Holland)

2013 Residents

Matias Häkkinen, harpsichord (Finland)

Sini Vahervuo, traverso (Finland)

Stanislav Gres, harpsichord (Russia)

Anthony Romaniuk, harpsichord (Australia – Belgium)

Joana Huszcza, violin (Poland – Belgium)

Raphael Fusco, harpsichord, composer (United States – Italy)