About us

The staff and trustees of the Piccola Accademia bring together significant experience in music, the broader arts, charitable foundation governance and business. We see our role as providing a platform from which teachers, students, performers and audiences can build an academy in Plato’s sense of that word, meaning a place for developing and exchanging an advanced philosophy – which in our case is the philosophy of historic musical performance. We will ensure that resources are gathered and managed appropriately, balancing the economic health and stewardship of the Piccola Accademia with providing access to the broader musical and local community.

Board of Directors

Fondazione Piccola Accademia Onlus

  • Bruce Kennedy, Chairman
  • Elisabetta Bruscolini
  • Alessandro Coyle

The American Friends of the Piccola Accademia (a U.S. 501(c)3 registered charity

  • Betty Thayer, Director
  • Mark Kennedy
  • Donald Kennedy

The British Friends of the Piccola Accademia (an English Registered Charity)

  • Laurel Powers-Freeling, Director
  • Robert Etherington
  • Liz Graham-Yooll
  • Ann Alexander